PAHF was established by Mr. Yuichi Ishimaru: former Board Member and former Corporate Executive Vice President of the Japan-based multinational, Marubeni

Yuichi Ishimaru, PAHF founder

Corporation; former member, the Nigerian Presidential Advisory Council; and current Board member of Panalpina Worldwide. Mr. Ishimaru’s 35-plus years of professional experience in Africa led him to realize, in his words, “the striking gap that exists between advanced countries and African nations.” While he felt compelled to help close that gap, his business background led him to question the temporary nature of many of the existing development approaches.

He wanted to do more. He wanted to make a lasting difference.

Therefore, he conceptualized PAHF to help address Africa’s overwhelming disease burden by helping Africans meet their own challenges — developing sustainable solutions and, thereby, fostering lasting positive change.

Establishing the Port Harcourt auto-disable (AD) syringe factory was PAHF’s first project.

PAHF's multinational leadership (left to right): Then PAHF USA Chairman, General Roger R. Blunt; PAHF Nigeria Chairman, Chief Phillip Cheido Asiodu; and Mr. Yuichi Ishimaru, PAHF founder and director of PAHF Nigeria, PAHF UK and PAHF USA. Photo from the October 2008 commissioning ceremony of the PAHF-supported AD syringe factory in Nigeria.

Initially, PAHF was one charitable organization, with branches in Nigeria (established, 2003), the United Kingdom (established, 2004) and the United States (established, 2004). During 2006, the one multinational PAHF became three autonomous PAHFs: PAHF Nigeria, PAHF UK and PAHF USA. Each formed its own governing board (only Mr. Yuichi Ishimaru, who founded PAHF, has served on all three boards); and each registered as a not-for-profit, charitable organization in its respective country. The purpose of the separation was to foster initiative, accountability, transparency and non-conflict of interest.

PAHF Nigeria is registered in that country with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as an Incorporated Trustees (Tax-Exempted Public Charity), Registration No. CAC/IT/18006. PAHF Nigeria raises project funds within Nigeria and directly manages project implementation (for example, the Port Harcourt AD syringe factory). To contact PAHF Nigeria, click here.

PAHF UK is Registered Charity number 1105695 in the United Kingdom. PAHF UK raises funds in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for projects carried out by PAHF Nigeria; additionally, PAHF UK provides oversight, on behalf of its donors, regarding how those funds are put to use. To contact PAHF UK, click here.

PAHF USA was established as a private, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; Federal ID# 30-0186445. For the Port Harcourt AD syringe factory, PAHF USA raised funds in the United States and elsewhere and provided oversight as well as management and technical assistance to PAHF Nigeria as needed for that project. NOTE: PAHF USA is now inactive (effective December 31, 2009). For more information, contact PAHF UK or PAHF Nigeria.

Updated: December 3, 2009.

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